Making Wedding Planning Decisions During COVID-19

The world is a different place for us all right now. If you have planned or are planning your wedding this year, this has become a much more challenging situation for you. We know that you are having to ask questions that may not have an obvious answer: Will our long-distance guests be able to travel? Will we be able to safely gather? Should we delay our ceremony and celebration to later in the year, or move it to 2021? What will the world look like then? Will we be having to ask these same questions later?

Thankfully, there is now an abundance of articles and guidance available on how to handle this situation. We are sharing a list of the more helpful articles for you below.

The recurring message that we see in all of this and would like to share with you at this time is to work with your wedding/reception venue(s) to make the best decision for you, your family, and guests.

Here at Emil Bach House, we continue to track daily the State of Illinois travel advisories and restrictions, the federal guidelines for protecting each other and preventing the spread, and the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control. We also continue to use the USEPA list of approved disinfectants in our homes.

Beyond that, we have talked to all our 2020 and 2021 wedding clients and worked individually with them, have moved spring weddings to the fall, and for some clients to next year. We are committed to our wedding clients and want to assist them in making the best possible decision for themselves and their guests. We have changed our cancellation policies to accommodate changing plans; in a shifting environment, we can offer our guests more flexibility and can help them to avoid a loss of funds due to this crisis.

Here are some good articles that talk about the decisions you are facing:

Some of our wedding guests are thinking “out of the box” given the current state of affairs. Some are going ahead with their marriage ceremony with just an official and witness while practicing social distancing – and rescheduling their reception to a later date when their guests can travel.

Other guests are choosing to move their wedding date to later in the year and are paring their guest list to a much smaller number. This is in anticipation of the possibility that the size of gatherings in 2020 will be restricted to 50 people or less until this pandemic is over.

This is somewhat in line with a trend we have been seeing with weddings and was the subject of a recent article in the Chicago Tribune – the move to “micro weddings” or tiny weddings. This trend has been growing before the current pandemic, and it provides the couple with some tangible benefits:  lower cost, less stress, a minimal environmental impact, and for some couples, the possibility of a greater focus on the ceremony and its meaning.  Sometimes the difference in cost can be quite significant and can lead to a bigger budget for the honeymoon!

What we know is this:  whatever you choose for your wedding ceremony, reception, and guest list, it will be the right choice for YOUR big day. We will continue to work with you to make needed changes and to navigate this situation together.



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