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  1. Event rentals
    The Restoration of This Frank Lloyd Wright Home In Chicago Is A Triumph
    The preservation of homes is a cultural endeavor worth embarking on.  Faithfully restored places tell the history of a place and a culture: their values, their customs, and the material culture that was bred from these.
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright Building
    From a Romeo and Juliet windmill to a child’s dog house: Obscure Frank Lloyd Wright creations that are hiding in plain sight
    Renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright is famous for creating great works, such as New York’s Guggenheim Museum (pictured) and the iconic Fallingwater House in Pennsylvania. But he also engineered plenty of less-known constructions — some which are hiding in plain sight.
  3. Taliesin West
    20 Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings You Can Tour Virtually
    Architectural Digest
    For architecture lovers who have always wanted to make the pilgrimage to Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece buildings but haven’t yet had the chance, now is the opportunity. Share...
  4. Emil Bach House living room
    12 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings are now hosting virtual tours
    Ever wanted to go inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater? Now’s your chance (even if the US is on lockdown) thanks to a new series of digital tours. Share...
  5. Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater
    You Can Now Take Virtual Tours of 12 Incredible Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings
    Better Homes & Gardens
    According to The Spaces, Frank Lloyd Wright buildings are some of the newest places you can explore virtually. “It is precisely at this time, when so many are shut inside, that we need to experience beauty and inspiration,” the Frank Lloyd Wright...
  6. Frank Lloyd Wright Unity Temple
    Take a different virtual tour of 12 Frank Lloyd Wright masterpieces each week
    After closing to the public in response to the novel coronavirus, a dozen historic sites designed by famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, such as Oak Park’s beautifully restored Unity Temple, are teaming up to offer weekly virtual tours.
  7. Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture
    Exploring Chicago, from skyscrapers to the works of Frank Lloyd Wright
    Express Digest
    Chicago towers above the Midwest in the same way that the Emerald City perches above the Land Of Oz (it’s no surprise that The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz was written here). Share...
  8. Chicago Vacation Home Rental
    12 Frank Lloyd Wright homes you can rent right now
    As one of America’s most prolific and renowned architects, Frank Lloyd Wright is best known for buildings like Fallingwater, Taliesin West, the Hollyhock House, or any of these 42 other essential works. Share...
  9. Japanese Tea House
    Five Frank Lloyd Wright Homes You Can Rent Near Chicago
    Inside Hook
    Plenty of Frank Lloyd Wright devotees fantasize of living in one of the many homes the architect designed, but the price (his Ennis House in L.A. sold for $18 million last year) and notorious upkeep prevent most folks from getting anywhere near that dream.
  10. TAWANI Property Management’s Hospitality Division Announces Holiday Promotions
    Press Release
    CHICAGO, Oct. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — As the holiday season begins, TAWANI Property Management’s Hospitality division is excited to announce a series of holiday promotions for its properties located in the Chicagoland area. Whether you are looking for a special location to host your holiday party or unique vacation home to stay with...