How often do you get to stay in your own slice of history? Emil Bach House opens its doors to reveal a meticulously restored Wright original, yours for your stay — carefully updated to balance historic preservation and Wright’s vision with 21st century convenience and comfort.

If, after arriving at Emil Bach House, you find yourself having a hard time leaving, you’re not alone. Many guests check in all ready for a weekend adventure in the city yet, after looking around and settling in, they discover themselves mysteriously attached to their home away from home, even making excuses to stay put. Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1915 Prairie gem has that effect on people.


Take some time to study Wright’s design, both inside and out, his use of geometric patterns and Prairie style elements. Notice how cantilevered room projections on the upper floors add a sense of dynamism to the building’s geometric composition. Inside, see how the interior plan of the house is anchored by a central fireplace, around which the living room and dining area wrap, with a small, enclosed kitchen completing the encircling rooms. Dining, seating, bookcases and storage are all efficiently integrated into one harmonious organic plan.


In terms of modern conveniences, a very up-to-date geothermal heating system is available to provide cool-weather comfort. In each cozy bedroom you’ll find a pillow-top mattress with plush linens, as well as a dedicated, full-size, modern bath. The home also has an updated kitchen and laundry facilities.


Whether you’re enjoying the home’s ample morning sunlight with a cup of coffee before starting your day, enjoying a cocktail and a garden view on the back porch or cozying up around the fireplace with a book or a few good friends, your time at Emil Bach House makes even the smallest moments memorable.