Recovering a Wright gem

A two-year renovation completed an ambitious restoration of Wright’s original vision.

The Emil Bach House is the only remaining example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s late prairie-style houses that combined a series of geometric cubes, cantilevered flat roofs, open living areas, and extensive use of natural materials. Since its 1915 construction, however, the home had been sold several times, and had undergone significant exterior and interior modifications by subsequent owners.

In 2006, prior to TAWANI’s purchase of the home, a first wave of renovation began, which involved everything from the removal of all added drywall and restoring original or installing new plaster, to restoring and re-fabricating original beech wood floors, windows, doors, lighting fixtures, built-in furniture and trim, exterior fascias, masonry, planters, and many other interior and exterior features. New plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems were also installed.